We arranged for you a horror cellars in a special place of nuclear shelter. 20 minutes route full of scary obstacles and adrenalin is waiting for you. We will draw you into the storyline and make you meet the most famous stars of cult horror movies.
Come to our place with a group of friends. Let´s try if you can get over obstacles, survive facing horror creatures and go through all rooms till the end.


What is needed to count on?

The bravest people can attend on their own. The highest number of people in a group is four. Number of people in your group is not needed to be told us in advance.

Horror creatures are contactfull. They will scare you, but won´t hurt you. You are strictly prohibited to touch them. In that case, you will be excluded without repayment.

You can get a bit dirty, so count on it. We won´t soil you intentionally, but it can happen in darkness from walls.

You will solve several simple tasks durring the route, which will need your courage.

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